5 ideas for the perfect day date

by Elisa Parry

Love is in the summer air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Make the most of these sunny days by enjoying the great outdoors with the special someone in your life. 

5 ideas for the perfect day date

Hit the beach  

Kick start your day with a surf lesson or if you’re looking for calmer waters, try paddle boarding. Spend some time relaxing on the beach in the afternoon before enjoying a romantic dinner for two.

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5 ideas for the perfect day date

Get your picnic on

Fact: everyone loves a good picnic. The best bit? You can picnic anytime, anywhere. From the beach to the stunning grounds of a winery the world is your oyster. So, stock up on your favourite cheese and biscuits and pack your basket now!

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5 ideas for the perfect day date

Go for a kayak

Relaxing, fun, and good exercise – spoil your date with a day on the high seas. If you’re in the mood for calm waters and beautiful scenery, you can’t go past the glass bottom kayak adventure in Nelson Bay. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for an adventure – you could always give white water rafting a go!

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5 ideas for the perfect day date

Try a cooking class

We have loads of cooking classes on site to suit all tastes! From a dumplings masterclass to Mexican and margaritas, to wood-fired pizza – the best bit is, you get to eat your delicious creations when you’re done!

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5 ideas for the perfect day date

Go on an adventure

Looking for the kind of date ideas you’ll remember for a lifetime? We’re talking off-road buggy adventures, cruising the streets in a Ferrari, jet boating in Sydney Harbour, even hot air ballooning – it’s time to go big. Who can resist a grand romantic gesture?

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