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About RedBalloon

RedBalloon has been a trusted leader in the online retail space since 2001, after pioneering experiential gifting in Australia. We connect customers with almost 4000 unique and amazing experiences, sourced from more than 1500 business partners across Australia and New Zealand.

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings – launched from the front room of Founder Naomi Simson's family home. RedBalloon was an experiment to test whether a company could be successful simply by listening to its people and customers and delivering a great experience to both, and we remain committed to this 16 years on.

RedBalloon is led by CEO David Anderson, is the marketing partner of thousands of small businesses - we not only deliver customers but also provide business tools, education and digital marketing expertise to those listed with RedBalloon. When business partners are successful then so is RedBalloon. We're an Australian small business, supporting other small businesses and together we are all stronger.

Perks of working at RedBalloon

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RedBalloon is part of the Big Red Group family of companies. All of our available roles are listed centrally for convenience. APPLY TODAY to be part of the Big Red Group.

Big Red Group

The BRG is all about business success. We know how difficult it can be to grow and scale a business consistently. The BRG provides management and services to its subsidiaries RedBalloon, Redii, Wrapped, The Huddle and Marketics. Each of these entities deliver services to business owners – whether it is marketing and online retail, helping employees thrive or education and information programs.


A curator and marketplace for unique, personalised and innovative products, Wrapped gives business owners access to a powerful ecommerce platform, delivers them customers, distribution channels, buyers and marketing expertise. Wrapped brings incredible products to market. Unique gifts that you’ll never find in major retailers. We’re all about small, exclusive, one-of-a-kind gifts sourced from great businesses.


Redii exists to create thriving workplace cultures. We know that when an employee is proud of where they work, they do their best work. Through our technology, we enable leaders to support the growth and development of employees so that they are better able to look after their customers. And importantly, our programs deliver real commercial outcomes for our business partners.


The BRG has the exclusive rights to resell Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform Albert™ to third-parties in Australia and NZ. Marketics is the business responsible for selling and implementing this incredible technology to media companies, across entire supplier chains, as well as to direct-to-consumer retailers. And we practice what we preach - using the technology across all our own brands.

Lauren Gleeson ~  RedBallooner since July 2011

I've never before worked for a company that cares so much about people. I've been here six years and have seen a lot of change - but the one consistent thing is that we always look after our people. I come to work with a smile on my face every day. I love the team at RedBalloon and it's a privilege to work on consistently great projects. It really is like a big family here.

Our Values

  1. Fail fast, learn fast. We are responsible for ourselves, owning our failures and learning from them. Being driven, self-correcting and resilient is what delivers our success.
  2. Best version of ourselves. We are intentional in being our best self for the greater good. Our commitment to greatness means we are proud of who we are everyday.
  3. Make an impact. We show up consciously to do our best work and aim to win. We make a difference to our own lives, our peers, our clients, our customers and our community.

Some Memorable Moments

When we're not working away, you can find us breaking World Records; enjoying 70s themed company celebrations; weekends spent rally driving; cruises, theme parks and foodie festivals. There's rarely a dull moment at RedBalloon, with plenty of laughs and good stories to go around. Meet the team.

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